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Homeowners Insurance

A homeowners insurance policy offer financial protection to your home against unexpected disaster, and damages. This includes; fire, burglary, floods, earthquakes, and vandalism. It as well covers the policyholder, immediate family members, and in some cases, his pets.

Who is it for?

Home insurance policies are for homeowners, who want to protect their houses and personal property against losses from the perils. However, this insurance just does not cover homes, but it will cover those who rent homes, apartments, condominiums owners, and townhouses owners.

How it works.

A standard insurance policy for homeowners protects your home and its contents from damage or loss. It also protects you and your family members from damages that may arise, from someone who is injured on your property. More so, your policy will provide you with additional living expenses if you are temporarily unable to stay in your home, after damage or loss.

However, earthquakes and floods are not covered by standard insurance plans. To insure your home against these natural disasters, you will need to purchase a separate insurance policy. Here is a list of catastrophes covered by homeowners package: fire, lightening, theft, vandalism, overflow of water from plumbing

Different types of coverage

There are four main types of coverage in a basic homeowners insurance plan. These include;
Home structure

Coverage for personal belongings

Liability protection

Living expenses in the event you cannot continue living in your home as a result of an insured disaster.
Major benefits of taking up insurance for your home

1. Your investment will be protected-With a good insurance policy, homeowners will never have to worry about anything bad happening to their home, and they are not able to fix it.

2. With this insurance, you can get a good policy for a lower monthly premium.

3. Peace of mind- taking up an insurance package for homeowners will cut the level of stress, which you have to deal with after a damage of your home.


Without these protections of a home insurance, you leave your home and your valuables possessions at risk for loss, a risk that you as a homeowner cannot afford to take.