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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

What is Recreational Vehicle Insurance?

Why would you need to start renting cars, organizing flights, and hotel room if you have a recreational vehicle? As long as you have RV insurance, you can just pick it up and go! Your recreational vehicle isn’t just a vehicle but a lifestyle.

Although you may already have coverage for your other vehicles, it’s always good to have recreational vehicles insurance. This protects you from certain risks you might face while traveling.


RV policies came in numerous types and are optional. You can work with your agent to customize a plan that will suit your needs. Different types of RV coverages that can protect you when facing different situations and risks include:

Liability – this cover protects you against any costs (property damages and bodily injury expenses) incurred as a result of an accident you caused. Most states require that you get liability insurance for every registered vehicle.

Comprehensive – this plan will assist you with expenses in case the RV gets damaged as a result of non-collision related incidents. These events include theft and fire.

Collision – when your RV gets damaged after a collision, the plan helps with replacement or repairs of the vehicle.

Vacation – this coverage helps with costs when you injure others or destroy their property. Note that this plan covers you if you hurt someone or damage their property while using your RV for vacation purposes only.

Roadside help – things can always go wrong. With this plan, you will not get stuck on the road in case you face mechanical issues.

Recreational vehicles are extremely valuable. This means, you’ll lose a lot of money if anything happened to your RV and you are not insured. Most insurers will let you get quotes online. Be sure to compare several quotations to get the best plan at an ideal price. It’s always smart to purchase the suitable coverage depending on your needs.